Lost Wallets Prompt Social Experiment

Honesty, dignity, kindness. Three words every person should live by, but do they? Atlantic Canadian Bank decided to test the honesty of people in their area with a little experiment. The set up was simple. Take 12 wallets, fill them with cash, debit cards, and contact phone number to call if the wallet is found. They placed the 12 wallets around the four provinces and waited to see what would happen.
Within hours their phone began ringing. The good Samaritans were in for a pleasant surprise. For their honesty the bank offered to let them keep money. Taking human kindness one step further, some of the finders opted to donate the money to charity. Atlantic Credit Unions matched all donations to the chosen charities.
How many of the wallets were turned in? Surprisingly 9 out of the 12. Atlantic Credits Unions shared their results. Were they pleased? Check out what the marketing director had to say: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/credit-union-lost-wallet-atlantic-canada-1.4480255
What prompted people to turn the wallets in? Empathy. Many stated they knew first hand the hassle of replacing identification cards and that if the wallet was theirs they hoped someone would turn it in. The experiment took place just before Christmas, the perfect time of year to prove simple kindness does exist.
The four missing wallets could still be out there, only time will tell if they could still be turned in. Overall the experiment was a success. Jennifer Murray, the marketing director for Atlantic Canadian, stated “It’s fantastic and speaks to who we are as Atlantic Canadians.”

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