Local News Station Reports Olympics Are Being Held at P.F. Chang’s…Rather Than Pyeongchang

With the Winter Olympics craze in full swing, people come home from work or school and are glued to their televisions, tracking the progress of their favorite Olympic athletes. It’s not just the major networks covering the Olympics, local news station are getting in on the action as well. One ABC affiliate station in Chicago has gone viral after displaying a rather unique Olympics graphic. Rather than reading Pyeongchang 2018 during a report on the political tension of the Olympic games, WLS-Channel 7’s graphic read P.F. Chang 2018…as in P.F. Chang’s, the Asian-inspired casual dining restaurant famous for their lettuce wraps.

The graphic made quite a stir on Twitter with some users face-palming and remarking that it was an unbelievably stupid mistake, while others supported the idea, claiming that P.F. Chang’s could aid in bringing about world peace and unity—the central message of the Olympic games. With the Internet abuzz, the restaurant chain even made a statement on Twitter saying, “Contrary to this broadcast, we’re not hosting the games,” and included a link to WLS-Channel 7’s infamous news broadcast.

The news station is saying the mistake was actually a mix-up of graphics. Jayme Nicholas, a WLS-Channel 7 spokesperson told the Chicago Tribune “the graphic was created for a different satirical piece.” The graphic was for a segment where the news station’s sports anchor challenged viewers to “invent their own Olympic sports.” Many Twitter users, such as Alyssa Oursler, agreed that a P.F. Chang Olympics would be “the only kind of Olympics I’d ever qualify for.”

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