Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye Helps Folks Express Themselves Free of Judgement

Doe Deere is a flawless woman who has truly embraced her own unique personality. From a very early age, she realized that she loved bright and bold colors. As she got older, she decided to do something with that love by creating a makeup line that emphasizes unique looks. If you’ve ever seen Doe Deere, chances are that the first thing you’d notice would be her unique look. Deere loves to sport bright colored makeup and equally as bright colored hair.


Doe Deere has embraced her inner magical unicorn and now she wants to help others do the same! That’s precisely why Deere launched her own makeup line called Lime Crime. She wanted to give creative souls an outlet to express themselves. Deere’s makeup line offers bright colored lip wear, eyewear, and so much more. From glitter to bright colors and everything in between, Deere is helping customers grasp their creative side with makeup.


Deere is now helping more people become magical unicorns! That’s because she just launched a brand new product that’s here just in time to turn heads this summer. Her unicorn hair dye is sure to quickly become a huge hit! Much like her other products, Deere developed the unicorn hair dye because she saw that there was a need. Most store shelves held natural colors like blondes, browns, and reds. Deere realized that there are people out there who want to be a bit more exotic and that’s how the unicorn hair dye was born!


The product isn’t permanent and will eventually wash out after several washes but that’s the fun of it! People can constantly play around with colors to suit their mood. The unicorn hair dye comes in pinks, purples, blues, and more! The hair dye is also safe on people’s hair. There is no harsh chemical and it’s vegan free. Deere has truly made a product that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about cause their hair serious damage. At the end of the day, Lime Crime is a makeup line that inspires men and women to truly express themselves without worrying what others thing.

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