Lime Crime Is Creating Headlines With Diamond Dew Beauty Products

There is no better look first thing in the morning than looking as though you have been kissed by the morning dew and have been kissed by diamonds. The new Diamond Dew is available in a tear drop type bottle that is sure to awaken your senses with a foil appearing eyeshadow.

The new eyeshadow will flow nicely with the presence of a number of Lime Crime products. A product line known as Unicorn Color is a variety of temporary hair dye colors which can be applied to brunettes as well as other hair colors. The Chestnut color is a massive hit for the company who is searching for new ways to please beauty lovers.

If you are already familiar with the Lime Crime brand, you already know how they love to push the envelope for beauty products. The products that they have come up with are all hits amongst lovers in the makeup world.

One specific color of Diamond Dew that would look nicely with the Chestnut color dye is Diamond Dew Rose Goals. The slightly trace hint of brown mixed with golden type flakes is being raved about among all beauty lovers.

If you want to make an even bolder move for color choices by Diamond Dew Lime Crime eyeshadow users, you should check out the darker shade of browns being called Vision Dew or even Chameleon eyeshadow.

If you are someone who is interested in the sparkle of the eyeshadow but like a softer shade of color, the Diamond Dew Paris formula is a softer shade of pink. This shade of pink can be used to match your fashion choices or to catch up to the level where beauty lovers are confident in their makeup choices.

Not everyone can handle the level of beauty that comes from using Lime Crime’s beauty products. If you are someone who loves and embraces the color choices that are drab and are considered as being a more natural appearance, you will want to find a different style of makeup choices.

Users who are shopping for LimeCrime discuss how the new product lines are helping to improve overall appearance.

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