Lime Crime Has a New Hair Dye Just for “Unicorns”

If you love fanciful beauty products inspired by unicorns, you’ll love Lime Crime’s new hair dye line. The company has come out with a line of 13 vivid colors that are extremely whimsical and eye-catching.


Lime Crime founder Doe Deere and her team have been working on the hair dyes for about three years, and are happy to present these products to the public, which are made from certified vegan ingredients (the dye is glycerin-based). The dyes are also free of bleach or ammonia, and both tints and full coverage formulas. The tints last for 8-10 washes and full coverage dyes will last for 10-12 washes. The dyes are $16 each.


Lime Crime fans, who often refer to themselves as Unicorns, are excited about the new dyes because the colors actually make them look like unicorns. The dyes are of professional quality and color is applied to the hair with a direct deposit effect that actually conditions the hair. Of course, Doe Deere enthusiasts are also excited about the fact that Deere would wear the dyes herself, since she is known for rocking purple, pink, blue and green tresses.


The Full Coverage dyes have a higher pigment and saturates the hair with more color. These dyes are ideal for hair that is lightly bleached, platinum blonde, and anywhere in between. The Tints from the Unicorn line have a sheer effect, and work best on pale blond hair, since they create a pastel hue on the hair.


In addition to the Unicorn dyes, Lime Crime also offers a number of eye shadows and lipsticks that are rich in color and made from quality ingredients. The company also provides a line of nail polishes that are bold and nourishing for the nails. Fans of the brand can even submit their photos to be featured on the site, to serve as style inspiration for those who are looking to make a fashionable, drastic change to their looks.


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