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We live in the modern world where we have countries with political lines, filled with all sorts of laws and policies. Now at days, actions are taken through more legalistic, diplomatic means—people aren’t just squarely plundering each other. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The makeup of today’s legal systems allows persecuted people with certain plights to organize and to form organizations around their plights. A great many of these organizations have compelling arguments, though in some ways they are also very one-sided and are wrong in some respects.

There are situations where different organizations claim to champion for the rights of a certain group, but tilt in different directions, politically, and sometimes voice opinions on other world issues.

A great big example of this is the American Civil Liberties Union. The American Civil Liberties Union claims to be nonpartisan and that its main goal is to stick up for people’s rights–even if those people have beliefs that they do not agree with.

Surprisingly, they actually have a track of doing this because throughout the years they have helped demonized groups such as pro-white groups—groups that society looks at as being “hate groups”–voice opinions. However, if you take a gander at their website on the internet, you will see that they actually have a far left, Democratic-esque agenda.

In fact, despite the fact that they say that they are non-partisan, they express hatred towards Trump by having an online petition to get him into trouble. They are pro-undocumented immigration, which is a very arguable issue because the lives of Americans are just as much at stake in many ways as the lives of undocumented immigrants. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Anti-Defamation League is a civil rights organization with a Jewish spin to it. The ADL openly self identifies with being all about Jewish social and political interests, though sometimes gets involved with sticky issues concerning other demographics of people who have been historically discriminated against.

They subscribe to the idea that only white people can be racist, and that anything that is pro-white is automatically bad. This is their tilt.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has a liberal, pro-immigrant, pro-people-of-color, pro-Hispanic tilt to it. On their website, they don’t really directly say much about whites or pro-white organizations, as opposed to the ADL–who keeps a hate symbol database on their site that consists almost entirely of pro-white symbols.

However, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s organization does emphasize the fact that immigrants and Hispanics are in need of resources, are frequently discriminated against and have problems within their communities that need to be dealt with.



Frontera Fund and The Sagacious Way It Was Founded

There are many pellucid articles today that can enlighten us on the many things that are happening today in the political world. With many advocacies today that want people’s support, there’s not a shortage of news lately of the latest developments of groups that fight for various causes. One of these groups that help make the society we live in better is the Frontera Fund, which is organized by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.


The Frontera Fund Founding

There are many well-funded groups today that help different marginalized groups get the support and assistance that they need. One of the most established ones lately is the Frontera Fund, and the main goal of this group is to make sure that the immigrants in the United States would not experience the injustices that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin did when the Former Sheriff of Maricopa County Jail arrested them both in their homes in the middle of the night. The Frontera Fund is also known for giving grants to migrant-rights non-profit groups that support the rights of Latinos and Hispanics.


With the assistance that the Hispanics and Latinos receive from Frontera Fund, they are more able to mobilize their causes, and many people can prevent the issues that haunt Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey today. Being the founders of Frontera Fund, Larkin and Lacey are also able to make sure that the power of words and journalism can still affect the largest number of people possible.


Front Page Confidential Venture

It is also interesting to note that Lacey and Larkin are also pushing for the fight to prevent immigration issues through their new publication, Front Page Confidential. It is also the vision of the publication to expose the malicious intent of government officials and other issues that threaten the First Amendment clause in the country’s constitution.



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