Kush: Dope New Mascara To Lift Lashes In A Whole New Way

For the ladies who love wearing mascara, and for the men, too, this is a whole new take on the popular makeup item and the growing acceptance of CBD oil for multi purposes. Hey, it’s fun, and you shouldn’t ever take makeup too seriously.

The mascara by the brand Milk Makeup is called “Kush Mascara.”

That’s right; it’s a hilarious name for a unique cosmetic that’s been infused with CBD oil, says BuzzFeed.

No, your lashes will not take wing and fly, and you won’t pick up a marijuana buzz because this mascara has not added THC to its formula.

Instead, the fun makeup item is vegan and soaked in cannabis oil. CBD has been known to provide incredible nourishment to the skin, and in this case, it’s been developed to provide extra moisturizing thickness for non-brittle lashes.

Kush Mascara also features poppyseed oil (no opium present either), cupuacu butter and sunflower seed oil.

For those who have tried the mascara, they say it’s elegant and allows the lashes to shine.

Even the television commercial for Kush Mascara has had fun with the pot connection in its clever smoke-filled ad. The commercial says that all you need is “one hit for high volume.”

You can check out Kush here on YouTube.

The mascara brush that comes with Kush is unusual also. It’s a wider design and in the shape of a pine tree. It is supposed to deposit mascara to the lashes in a more effective way.

Kush Mascara debuted on April 20th, national “Weed Day.”

Of course, the holiday centers around cannabis, but CBD oil is the new trend without the psychotropic effects and does the body good when made into personal care products.

Kush Mascara retails for $24 at beauty stores like Sephora.

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