Kentucky Firefighter in Trouble Over Racist Remarks

We expect out public servants to help us, no matter our creed or colour, and we take solace in the fact that they’re hired to protect us, Igor Cornelsen always makes the case. In some places, however, such luxuries cannot be depended upon from the government workers.

There is footage of a firefighter captured in a live video recording of him refusing to help black people who were caught in fire. The police officer uttered racist words and it has been confirmed fully that he indeed was the one conversing.

Mwangi Chege from Kenya confirms that he didn’t receive mutual assistance and attention at all, and claims that it was not right to receive such treatment.

The officers are supposed to help where necessary and give a helping hand without discrimination. It is a shame that these things still do happen despite the fact that we are in the 21st century.

Gone are the days that racism used to be a big deal, as currently there are such problems that people just have to come together and ensure that they are living in peace, love and harmony.

The police officer was later heard on the radio saying that has a family of four, and the voice has been confirmed perfectly to be of Hatfield. It a shame that the choice of words were inappropriate, and the WDRB has confirmed the true nature of the story.

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