Keeping Up with The Devoses

Betsy Devos and her husband have always focused on the development of education, art, justice and leadership, and in 1989 created the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. Devoss is a member of the non-profit art competition of Michigan State, John F. Kennedy, and ArtPrize Center, established by her son. Devos was president of the former “Philanthropy Roundtable”, a group of benefactors who specialize in non-profit organization skills and the advancement of training for equity and taking initiative of private donors.

DeVos is a product of Michigan’s charter schools. She graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids with a degree in economics and political science. philanthropy” magazine indicated that Devos had taken an interest in the politics existing within Calvin College campus grounds. Today, she is one of the leading advocates of the charter school education model believing that many charter schools are college destination oriented. In fact, the major proponent of innovation in the public school is this model’s ability to grant more freedom and opportunity for experimentation which has proved to be effective. This is a potential source for the renewal of the education system. Check her website for more info at

Betsy’s husband, Dick Devos is the biggest sponsor of conservative political movements and social movements. Their Two daughters and two sons are also very involved in The Dick & Betsy Family Foundation. Betsy and Dick have four adult children, all together. Rick, one of Betsey’s sons, is an urban development consultant with the Windquest Group. By herself, Betsy has raised over $ 150,000 for Bush’s campaigns in 2004 and held a Republican philanthropy event at his home in October 2008, which was attended to by President George W. Bush himself. The Devos family have effectively taken part in the policies of the republican approach for a long time, particularly as benefactors for the requirements of different competitors and gatherings.

Since 1989, Betsy Devos has given more than $ 17 million to Republicans. In 2010, Betsy and Dick gave $ 22.5 million to build up a venture that ended up being named the Devonian Institute of Art Management. In 2015, the establishment’s magnanimous commitments added up to $ 11.6 million; Dick and Betsy gave $ 139 million toward these gatherings. The magazine “Forbes” put the couple on the 24th place in the rundown of ‘Best American Donors of 2015’. For reasons like these, one can say that DeVos is a natural born leader with a heart of gold. And she has given of it generously. Not only does she donate funds to causes but she is big on eduacation. She plays a leading role in much of the decision making of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), a research organization built by Jeb Bush, who reported his longing to “assemble an framework for the American educations system that will enable each kid to understand what they are truly capable of. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

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