Karl Heideck And The Philadelphia Law On Soda Tax

     According to the news release on http://chronicleweek.com/, the rate of obesity in America is on the rise. The public is getting concerned about the impacts it brings to the society. For example, more than 70 percent of adults in the United States of America are suffering from obesity and weight related sickness. The rate of obesity has also started to impact the lives of three-year-old children. It is even affecting the healthcare sector. Every year, the government of the United States of America is spending millions of taxpayers’ money to solve the issues that are curtailing from obesity. The bad news is that America needs to solve these problems. However, there are no appropriate methods available.

Some states in America are even coming with methods for offsetting the obesity cost. They are creating extra penalties and options that result in the tax increase. In some states, soda and junk food are taxed at higher rates. For example, Philadelphia introduced a soda tax with the hopes of lowering the rate of obesity. The tax law was put into effect at the beginning of 2017. The idea was to make people spend their money on cheaper and healthier diet. According to the Philadelphia Soda Tax Law, consumers are required to pay 1.5 cents for every soft drink they have purchased. The public officials also have hopes that the tax will be used to offset the costs that come with the treatment of people who suffer from obesity.

The tax law was created with the best intentions. However, it has continued to interfere with the society than how it was expected to operate. Those who are significantly affected are the low-income members of the society. These are the largest consumers of junk food and sodas. Those who belong to the high-income class can pay the extra amount with no problem. They can even drive to the near state or town where the tax law does not apply.

About Karl Heideck

Mr. Karl is a litigation attorney who has experienced in compliance law and risk management. He was also recognized by the Hire Counsel in 2015. As a litigation attorney, Karl Heideck has currently based his legal practice in the greater area of Philadelphia. He previously worked as a project lawyer with Pepper Hamilton LLP. He was also a legal associate at Conrad O’Brien.

Mr. Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore University, from where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Arts. Before he became a professional in the legal field, Karl received his Juris Doctor from Temple University. In addition to compliance law and risk management, Mr. Karl Heideck is an experienced attorney who offers legal services such as product liability, corporate law, and commercial litigation.

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