Karl Heideck is an attorney who specializes in tax matters among other issues and an author. The attorney holds the view that soda tax in Philadelphia is leading to rising cases of obesity.

Obesity has become a thorny issue in the American society, and around 35% of the populace is affected by it. In addition to this, even very young children are being affected by the vice. Moreover, almost 70% of grownups in America carry a weight that they should lose. Consequently, various sectors of the ordinary residents are adversely impacted, these include crucial areas such as the medical care system.

The American government churns out millions of dollars out of tax to cater to the obesity vice annually. Therefore, various cities and states have started to counter the high obesity rates by coming up with additional penalties and tax rates. Philadelphia is one of the states that have put up a higher soda tax rate. The state did this in the hope that the high tax rate will lower the residents’ tendency of buying the junk beverage.

From the time 2017 begun, the inhabitants of Philadelphia have had to cough up an extra 1.5 cents for tax for the purchase of every ounce of the sugary beverage they buy. The extra tax is meant to treat patients of the harmful sugary drink. The high tax is also meant to promote the consumption of healthier drinks.

However, the higher prices of sodas are impacting negatively on the lives of the residents of Philadelphia.

The biggest casualty is the inhabitant who comes from the lower income bracket. Coincidently, this is the biggest consumer of sodas. The rest can afford to pay the soda tax occasionally or even travel to another state to purchase it. This out of town is also impacting heavily on owners of small franchises. As opposed to large chains of stores that have a bigger advertising and marketing budget, the small shops rely on direct sales of sodas. The soda tax issue is still pending in court.

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Karl Heideck is an attorney of the law who is the current Team Lead at Beacon Hill Staffing Group. Before this, he was working at Grant & Eisenhofer as a contract attorney. Karl Heideck has also worked for Pepper Hamilton as a project attorney. Karl Heideck attained his J.D Law from Temple University’s James E.Beasely School of Law, and he also has a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College.

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