Jeremy Goldstein Helps The Mentally Ill With Wine

Mental illness is something that is on the rise. It is not as easily diagnosable as physical ailments so some mental illnesses often go under the radar. But we should be treating mental illnesses as seriously as any other disease. In fact, millennial’s are reporting more instances of depression and anxiety than any other generation that has come before. This can cost the sufferer on an individual level as well as society on a massive economic and social scale.


That’s why we are lucky to have people like Jeremy Goldstein out there raising money for mental illness awareness. The New York lawyer recently hosted a fancy wine dinner in Manhattan where some of the wealthiest people in the country enjoyed an opulent dinner alongside with rare wines. The cost of this dinner was not cheap and all proceeds went to a charity called Fountain House.


Fountain House has an interesting story. It was founded by six people who met in a mental hospital in upstate New York back in 1944. They wanted to let everyone with a mental illness know that they are not alone. They made a pact to create the Fountain House and swiftly made good on that promise. They bought a headquarters in New York City and began charitable work for those who suffer from mental illness.


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They focus on the quality of life. Those with mental illnesses find it hard to maintain healthy relationships. As relationships disintegrate, it becomes more and more difficult to finish an education or keep a job. It can even become difficult to manage finances. Fountain House helps mental illness patients with all of these finer points of life to create a positive life experience.


Jeremy Goldstein was able to invite the upper crust to this wine dinner through his law experience. He has worked with many compensation committees, management teams, CEOs and corporations through the years. He founded his own boutique law firm in New York City and has worked with the likes of Duke Energy, United Technologies and The Dow Chemical Company. Fortunately, the lawyer has now turned his energy towards charitable organizations.

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