Jeff Aronin – A Leader Behind Innovative Approaches to Untreatable Diseases

In 2010, Jeff Aronin becomes president and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Prior to taking on the roll, Aronin served as president and CEO of the incredible biopharmaceutical company, “Ovation Pharmaceutical, Inc.”, which he founded. Jeff Aronin is an extraordinary leader and executive who understands what it takes to excel in medicine and Paragon Biosciences has managed to develop solutions that have been extreme factors for the lives of many patients.


Jeff Aronin’s Passion

Jeff Aronin, the incredible biopharmaceutical executive, started a passion for pharmaceutical development while experiencing a situation with a physician who was in the process of treating a pediatric patient. Aronin was shadowing the doctor at the time and the only option for the patient seemed to be of surgery ( The physician’s brilliance was able to discover an alternative solution of a medicine for the patient and it worked successfully, totally eradicating the process of having to do surgery. This approach to the matter would become the foundational inspiration of Jeff Aronin’s progression into bioscience.


What is Paragon Biosciences

This firm develops and grows companies that conduct business within the realms of bioscience. With investments by Paragon Biosciences – from money to ideas – Paragon Biosciences ensures that such companies have the proper necessities to develop the plan of action required to create those innovative treatments that haven’t yet been put into existence so that patients can live healthier and longer lives.


Companies Paragon Biosciences Empowers

Castle Creek Pharma – develops solutions related to treating dermatologic conditions

Precision BP – develops solutions for treatments of genetic oncology diseases

Harmony Biosciences – develops treatments for sleep and central nervous system disorders

Decade Pharmaceuticals – develops therapeutic solutions for improving the quality of life of patients.


Currently, there are over 6,000 diseases that aren’t treatable. Paragon Biosciences strives to decrease that number drastically in the near future.

Through Paragon Biosciences empowerment, its portfolio of companies is definitely fortified to revolutionize the globe with superior treatments that amazes. Decreasing the number of treatments that haven’t yet been accounted for is a mission worth undertaken and with the brains of Jeff Aronin and staff, the future of our world of untreatable diseases is in great hands as such concern will take a turn for the best.

Thus far, Paragon Biosciences have accomplished 13 novel drug approvals through the FDA.



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