Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues to Support SENS and Other Advancement

One of the most common trends in predictions related to technology and the advancement of modern society is a theory called The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a theory that predicts that the use of internet-based products will continue to increase dramatically in future years, which will allow people to share even more data than ever before. The theory predicts that common household products will be enhanced and have internet connectivity and data sharing abilities.

One of the largest proponents and believers of the Internet of Things is Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, investors, and futurist that currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Jason Hope has stated that he believes that more and more of your daily products will be improved and have the ability to share data with other people. These products could then become more efficient and useful than ever before. For those that do not believe in the theory, Jason Hope points to the fact that many products that we use today already come with connectivity. Some of these products include watches, home appliances, televisions, and security systems.

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While Jason Hope has been accurate about these predictions in the past, it remains to be seen which products will be improved going forward. Jason Hope expects to use his personal wealth to continue to invest in companies, concepts, and grants for students that are looking to improve daily products to make them more useful for consumers through the use of data sharing. See jasonhope.com.

Beyond his investments in tech companies, Jason Hope has also been an advocate for companies in the medical field that are looking to improve the future of medicine. Jason Hope has been particularly supportive of the SENS Foundation, which researches biotechnologies in an effort to help reduce the impact and occurrences of age-related diseases. In recent years, Hope has donated over $500,000 directly to the foundation, which has gone to directly help fight these diseases and develop new cures.

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