Japan Plans To Build Major Ninja Museum In Tokyo Before 2020 Olympics

Japan is working hard to preserve its rich ninja heritage with a brand new museum. The nation’s official Japan Ninja Council is now working on a brand new high-tech museum dedicated to the legendary warriors. If all things go according to plan, this museum should be set to open in Tokyo in 2018.


The Japan Ninja Council was founded to celebrate Japan’s long history and encourage younger Japanese citizens to learn from the warrior tradition of the ninja. This new ninja museum in Tokyo will be a part of the “Cool Japan” initiative, an initiative which hopes to educate and inspire visitors with Japan’s amazing history.


Of course, with the Tokyo Olympics set to take place in 2020, the Japan Ninja Council believes there’s no better time to construct this world-class museum. People from around the world visiting Tokyo for the summer games will be able to learn all about one of Japan’s most famous traditions.


Unfortunately, ninjas are mostly a thing of the past in Japan. While there are a few true ninjas still in Japan, there are only about five or six masters that actually practice in the way ancient ninjas used to. If nothing is done, the modern day ninjas believe they will be totally erased from modern Japanese society within one generation.


One major modern ninja still teaching in Japan is named Jinichi Kawakami. Kawakami runs the Kogo ninja school where he tries to pass on his expertise to those interested in following the tradition of the ninja.


Ninjas were especially powerful in the 15th and 17th centuries. During these centuries, ninjas were often enlisted as covert spies for government officials. Today, however, practicing ninjas focus on the values of strength training, self-discipline, and humility.


Japan’s Aichi Prefecture is also trying to get the Japanese people interested in the discipline of the ninja. The Aichi Prefecture has set up numerous study centers where people from around the world can learn from modern full-time ninjas. People in the Aichi Prefecture hope these ninjas will help promote “warlord tourism” in the region.


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