It’s Not a Black and White Case in Ferguson

Ferguson, MO is one anxious place these days. The once quiet town is now the scene of racial prejudice and riots due to the Michael Brown case. Brown was a victim of police brutality and as an African American male; he was killed by a Caucasian cop who is still pending a grand jury indictment.

Brown was unarmed and the fact that the police killed him is not setting well with the town locals. With the verdict about to come in on whether or not the jury has found sufficient evidence to charge Darren Wilson, the mayor is quite nervous. He has issued a state of emergency that will last for 30 days.

Some feels this is an extreme measure given the fact that protests have calmed down and things seem to be somewhat backed to normal. However, Governor Jay Nixon feels that if the verdict is there is not sufficient evidence, the African American public will be upset. If the verdict comes back that there is sufficient evidence, it may also bring about rage according to Skout.

Either way the verdict comes back there could be trouble. There is no way that he is willing to take a chance with the citizens. By declaring a state of emergency, he is able to get the extra help needed if and when there should be an issue. With riots and protests from the past, taking precautions is only smart.

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