It’s Never to Late to Learn: 96 Year-Old Begins High School

Life goals and dreams are often disrupted by the course of daily life and the responsibilities therein. Often it appears that there is a window of time where certain things must be accomplished such as education and career goals. There is a 96-year-old Mexican woman named Guadalupe Palacios from Tuxtla Gutierrez, nicknamed “Dona Lupita,” that is proving naysayers wrong about achieving seemingly unreachable goals.

Dona Lupita was raised in an impoverished, rural area of Mexico in an indigenous village where she was unable to attend school because of her responsibilities at home to her family. She helped her family farm beans and corn so that they could make ends meet. Her strong work ethic began as a child and continued to grow. As an adult, she continued into marriage, motherhood, and work. After a full life lived at the age of 92 Dona Lupita felt incomplete, she wanted her education and felt like she had missed out on that important part of life. Instead of living with regret and staying her course she enrolled in an adult literacy program and quickly completed her elementary and middle school grades. Now at the age of 96, she has begun high school and has set herself a goal of finishing before she reaches the age of 100. Her classmates are teenagers but that doesn’t bother her, she still has one more goal- to become a kindergarten teacher and with her famous determination, one can only guess that she won’t stop until completing her dream.

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