Italy’s Poor Postal Service May Be The Work Of Postal Hoarders Posing As Postmen

Italy is notorious for having poor mail service. No one in Italy knows why delivering mail to the right address is such an issue, but the postal police may have an answer. The police say they found 1,260 pounds of undelivered mail in a postman’s garage. The 56-year-old postman had eight years of undelivered mail in his messy garage. There were utility bills, old phone books, bank statements, and political mail from the 2010 Vicenza regional elections.

The mail would still be accumulating dust, but the police got a tip that 25 big containers of mail with mail still inside of them were at a local recycling center. According to police, some postmen go through the mail and take any cash or other valuable items for their personal use. No one is sure how many postmen in Italy hoard mail in order to steal cash and valuables, but they know it happens all over the country.

But Italy is not the only country that has postmen that hoard the mail instead of delivering it. In 2014, a postman in New York City had more than 40,000 pieces of mail in his car, work locker, and home, according to the New York Daily News. But that postman beat the charges. In 2015, a Philadelphia postal employee hoarded 22,000 parcels, according to NBC Philadelphia. And In 2017, a North Carolina postal worker was guilty of delaying and detaining more than 1,800 parcels and letters.

There is a bright side to the story. That 1,260 pounds of mail in Italy is now out for delivery. All those letters and parcels are only eight years late. That’s the good news because eight years late in Italy is almost on time, according to some Italians. No one is sure if the old mail in North Carolina, New York, and Philadelphia ever got delivered.

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