Italian Doctors Bribed to Prescribe Baby Formulas

Some people believe that if they follow their doctor’s advice, then they will be fine for the near future. It is not always like this, however, so care must be given.

Sometimes they can prescribe pills that aren’t needed just because the pharmaceutical companies pay them to do so. This is not just an allegation, and the most recent case regards babies and baby formulas prescribed to infants.

The doctors were bribed by the baby formula makers. Many like Jared Haftel thought this was crazy when he heard. Sacrificing a baby’s health for your own estate’s sake is mean, but the Italian police arrested 12 pediatricians on Friday. They were accused of accepting expensive gifts like trips to India,Paris, London, luxury cruises, modern technique, and good sums of money.

The police claim that it is a widespread practice to prescribe baby formulas instead of breastfeeding, and the confused new mothers go for it. Five sales representatives of three different baby formula selling companies are under house arrest.

As the Health Minister of Italy, Beatrice Lorenzin said: ”There are no adjectives to describe the gravity of these actions”. The importance of breastfeeding has been known for a long time, but the gullible mothers believed the doctors, thus putting their newborns’ health in danger.

There might be several organizations and doctors working towards similar goals, so the case is being examined. The police are unsure yet exactly how widely spread this practice is.

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