ISIS Makes Money from Selling People

ISIS has created an international stir after killing journalists and helpers in delivering aid. Afterwards, rumours about them taking over oil wells in the northern Iraq and Syria were spread.

Many of their oil resources were attacked and destroyed by the U. S. forces, but Brian Torchin tells me the group has another income source. Videos and documents proving that they sell Yazidi prisoners are have now been spread all over the internet.

The U.S. Treasury Department estimates that ISIS gets millions of dollars monthly. It is obvious that they have a good amount of money, given that the weapons and ammunitions they use are expensive. To create and maintain such an extensive military complex, it is necessary to have a large and consistent source of financing.

This could be the best financed group known by now. A huge part of this money is brought from selling captives.

The Islamic State has issued a document where the approximate prices depending on the ages of the women and children that they sell are listed. According to the list, the terrorist group receives 50,000 dinars for women aged 40-50 years.

The price increases per decade, reaching 100,000 for a slaves of 20-30 years of age.

The most expensive are the children, sold with 200,000 dinars. Knowing that people are being used for commerce in the 21st century is outraging, and seeing the evidence is even more disturbing.

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