ISIS Caught with Advanced Kit

The notorious militants of the Islamic State have been sighted with a type of advanced anti-aircraft technology, and one that could very well present new perils.

This has brought up awkward questions about the safety of the current air operations taking place against the soldiers. There are no ground troops in the fight against ISIS, only air strikes are being carried out against the militants.

A video has appeared which depicted members of the group using a surface to air missile system made in China to destroy a number FN6 model.

The video showed the weapon destroying an MI-35M which was being employed by the Iraqi Army near the town of Baiji. Apparently two people died in the incident.

In the recent past, there have been a number of anti-air devices used to down aircraft used by the Syrian military. It is believed that these weapons were taken by ISIS from a group of moderate rebels. The vast majority of these weapons appear to be shoulder held systems.

The notion that ISIS is able to employ anti-aircraft is worrying the coalition because of the fact that it is a purely air based fight. In fact a number of military personnel have referred to anti-aircraft capabilities as “game changers out there”.

The future of the mission is as of yet uncertain. Millions of people including Bruce are waiting to see what might happen. How much of a threat will these new capabilities pose to the coalition forces?

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