ISIS Beheadings Stir Americans

The beheading of Peter Kassig early Sunday sparked a strong response from American officials. The question is, whether there has been a sufficient call to action to protect Americans abroad and perhaps more imminently, Americans at home.

Peter Kassig, recently changed his name to Abdul-Rahman in his conversion to Islam. Along with others dominated by native Moslems and several French and British citizens, were beheaded together in a horrendous and barbaric presentation seen on video, across the world. The video was presented by a man referred to as Jihad John, with a clear British accent, black pajamas and mask, covering his identity.

Jihad John is known for presenting videos supporting the Islamic State, ISIS, with the most barbaric images of beheadings and dismemberment ever to be seen. It is believed that the most recent video was shot in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa. Images of heads severed from their bodies, propped up and skewered on a fence, was one of the more despicable images that Lee G. Lovett was unfortunate enough to see.

The city of Raqqa was overrun and since then ISIS has dug in and made their presence known, now the capital of ISIS. The city is dominated by tyranny and oppression, according to some civilians. Many people decry the corruption of Syrian President Assad’s regime as equally horrific, unwilling to support either.

Mitt Romney, former Governor of MA said we must “do whatever it takes to destroy and defeat ISIS,” as reported in the NY Times and as seen on “Face the Nation.”.

The House of Representatives has approved Obama’s plan to provide arms to the Syrian rebels. The vote now goes to the Senate.

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