Intact Trash Found In A Gutted Fish From Costa Rica

In December of 2017, a fisherman in Costa Rica cut open a mahi mahi, or dolphinfish, and found a big surprise: intact trash from human beings. In the fish’s stomach there were bottle caps, what may have been a cigarette lighter and a comb.

Video footage of the fish was taken, showing the man pulling the objects from out of the fish’s belly as he spoke in the background. The video has raised a lot of concerns from environmentalists and groups that advocate for wildlife.

The issue is that a random fish’s belly should not be filled with intact plastic trash from human beings. This shows how widespread pollution is, and how much it is affecting our environments.

This isn’t the only situation where pollution has showed up in weird, shocking displays. In the Pacific Ocean, there are large mounds of trash. There are also small particulates of trash that make some parts of the ocean look murky. Many times, debris floats down to the ocean floor, which means that the ocean floor may be covered in trash.

The types of items from humans that float around and are not biodegradable are made of materials like plastic. So, it is not surprising to have found a fish with plastic items in its belly.

The story of the fish is not just a fun story to hear about, and it is not just a reminder that wild animals are being hurt by pollution. It is a reminder that we are making the world a less healthy place for ourselves and our children. Because of over-consumption and the use of materials that are not particularly great for our health, our environment is becoming more carcinogenic. The flora, fauna and water that we consume are becoming more tainted.

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