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Medicare is an institution put in place by the federal government of the United States of America. Medicare provides health coverage to an enormous amount of American citizens annually; however, there exists an alternative option by which to receive Medicare benefits. Medicare Original refers to the original program created, managed and operated directly by the federal government; yet, third party organizations and/or physicians’ practices are able to provide individuals with health care benefits through programs known as Medicare Advantage Plans.

A Medicare Advantage Plan refers to the arrangement for third parties to provide Medicare health coverage to patients through the financial backing of the federal government under contract. Each Medicare Advantage Plan provider is allotted a set sum of funds which is to be delegated to Medicare Beneficiaries. Such Medicare Advantage Plans are also designed to be much more tailored and specific to the individual needs of each beneficiary.

InnovaCare Health

The North American leader in managed health care services is a company by the name of InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare uses two different methods to provide the topmost care for each and every one of it’s patients. InnovaCare utilizes revolutionary “provider networks” so that all patients are able to receive the best care possible for any and all of their specific medical care and treatment needs. Along with provider networks, InnovaCare makes use of the aforementioned Medicare Advantage Plans.

Both of InnovaCare Health’s health care providing avenues cooperate seamlessly in order to create a comfortable experience for patients and beneficiaries alike, wherein they are all able to receive the best care possible from physicians they trust and know who all use the backing and management of InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare is the figurehead for North American managed health care services. The company regulates, supports and manages ever-expanding networks of health care providers and organizations across the United States, all the while maintaining the ideology that patients and patient-care provider relations are the most important aspects of the health care industry.

The greatness achieved by InnovaCare Health would not be possible if not for sophisticated, effective leadership. Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA and president of InnovaCare is a professional with over twenty years of experience in his field of work. He is also the author of countless articles on clinical medicine and overall healthcare. Dr. Shinto, despite his extraordinary set of qualifications, does not account for the entirety of InnovaCare’s stellar leadership. Penelope Kokkinides serves as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer. Kokkinides, too, boasts over twenty years of experience through specialization in governmental health care institutions such as Medicare and Medicaid. While Kokkinides only joined the company in June of 2015, she has already and continues to demonstrate her qualifications and ability.

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