Imran Haque’s Greatest Advancements in the Field of Internal Medicine

Technological development has been widely used all across all sectors including the medical industry mostly common in surgery. Cases of diabetes have also increased that is the reason doctors all across the world have combined the use of technology and surgery to help Diabetic patients. Imran Haque is a doctor at the Horizon Internal Medicine, a clinic in North Carolina which uses the latest technology for medical purposes. The doctor has an experience of over fifteen years in internal medicine and treatment of Diabetic patients. Imran Haque uses technological advancements to treat Diabetic patients while minimizing risks of infection to the bodies of the patients. Using robotic guided cosmetic surgery, Dr. Imran Haque and his fellow doctors combine electronics and computers to perform operations to their patients.

The system involves the surgeon making small incisions on the body of the patient called surgical portals. Once the incision is made, the doctors use a computer guided device with a camera which displays all proceedings on a monitor. The surgeons use their arms and fingers to control the movement of the device using a robotic console to help in accuracy. Imran Haque uses this method mostly on Diabetic patients since it only involves small incisions which limit the risks of infection of the patient’s body and excessive bleeding.

Another advantage of the system is that it offers an extensive view of some of the internal organs without being forced to make large incisions to the patient’s body. The system also reduces the use of painkillers after the end of the surgery since only small incisions are made thus patients have reduced pain. Imran Haque has also used his medical expertise in other several hospitals such as Randolph Hospital, High Point Regional Hospital, and the South Eastern Medical Hospital. Imran Haque is also a member of the Maintenance of Certification Program in internal medicine.

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