Imran Haque: Internal Medicine Specialist

Irman Hague is an accomplished Internal Medicine Physician based out of Asheboro NC. Imran Haque is a well respected Internal Medicine Physician that treats a variety of conditions.


Imran Haque/ Practice & Medical Training:


Imran Haque has a large practice and he treats conditions such as diabetes, digestive disorders and weight management issues. In addition, Imran Haque also provides laser hair removal and body contouring services. Imran Haque has over a decade of experience treating patients.


Imran Haque received his degree from the University of Virginia. In addition, Imran Haque¬†received his training at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine division. The University is a teaching facility which offers Physician’s hands on training. In addition to hands on training, new Physicians have direct contact with patients during the course of their Internship.


Currently, Imran Haqueis licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. In addition, Dr. Irman Hague is also enrolled in a Certification Maintenance Program for Internal Medicine Physicians.


Imran Haque is able to diagnose certain conditions through blood analysis and physical examination. The doctor will also refer patients to other physicians if he is unable to treat the patient. However, over the years Dr. Hague has successfully treated patients with diabetic conditions, digestive problems, weight disorders as well as other ailments.


Imran Haque helps patients with weight loss issues. In addition, Imran Haqueattempts to teach patients proper weight management techniques as well as sensible eating. The doctor attempts to teach patients that sensible eating and weight control must become a regular part of their lives.


Imran Haque has two locations in North Carolina. One of the office locations is at 138 Dublin Square Road in Asheboro NC. The other location is at 1508 Main Street in Ramsuer NC.


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