Impressionable facts about Susan McGalla

Impressionable facts about Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla was born in Ohio, and she is the founder of P3 executive consulting where she provides expert advice and insight on her knowledge in the fashion industry. She schooled at Mount Union College where she acquired her bachelor`s degree in business and marketing. Besides, Susan serves as a board member of the college and is married to Stephen McGalla. The prolific businesswoman began her career in the late 1980`s in the marketing and management departments at Joseph Horne Company, before moving to American Eagle Outfitters. She served various roles in her second firm including managerial positions, chief merchandise officer, and many others before taking her initial position as the president of the company. Through the experience she had gained from her previous career, Susan saw the company experienced tremendous growth, and it later launched various brands under her management.

Susan later became a private consultant for various retail and financial institutions where she provided expert advice to traders and business owners on the best strategies to conduct their operations as well as manage their funds. Susan later acted as the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc after Ed Thomas who formerly held the position.

Besides, she the successful business woman encourages individuals, particularly business owners, to be innovative and idealistic. She believes that people should always be ready to try new things and ventures as it helps them learn great things. Besides, she encourages business owners to share their thoughts with others as by doing so they get to acquire new ideas from their partners, which help to develop their businesses if brought to life.

On the other hand, Susan works towards advocating for gender equality in the places of work as well as the society. She encourages women to be confident in whatever they ought to venture into and also urges them to support each other for a great outcome. McGally also helps business people to take risks as they act as the basis of their successful ventures. She believes that individuals who fail to bring new ideas to life hardly experience success due to outdated strategies. She has demonstrated her innovative skills and confidence through the many business opportunities she has ventured to include the p3 firm. Lastly, the businesswoman is a strong believer in change and perceives it to be a major key towards the growth of the business. She believes that change helps an individual go hand in hand with the current trends in the market.


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