Immoral Unethical Ally

Saudi Arabia is one of the United States staunchest allies in the Middle East. Our government has sold our people on wars that bring freedom to the world. Recently the Saudis government have passed a law banning tempting eyes by women. The new king has supported the law proclaiming any law passed by a Saudi committee should be honored by all of Islam. This is just another form of oppression which targets Saudi women that can’t even drive in their own country. In World War 2 the United States fought against Hitler because of many reasons including the mass murdering of Jews. In no way do I support the actions of Adolf Hitler but we allied with an even more ruthless killer, Stalin.

The Russian leader at the time of World War 2 was known to have killed hundreds of millions of his own people. Before our country became enemies with Hussein, our country actually supported him in a fight against Iranian leadership. It was known at that time Hussein had used chemical warfare against his own people. Our government at one time supported and assisted Osama bin Laden in a fight against Russia. Our government proclaiming it is fighting for the better good is just a propaganda technique to get the American people behind whatever cause it has decided to pursue. These actions are not for mankind but rather for monetary gain. My friend Sultan Alhokair might not feel as strongly about this topic as I do, but we discuss it quite a bit.

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