Huffington Post Reveals Fun Netflix Trends

In an entertainment piece published by the Huffington Post, authors reveal the top shows on Netflix that viewers choose when planning a fun night in. Netflix has gained national, and even global, accreditation as one of the leading providers of entertainment and its often noted for revolutionizing the way that people view their entertainment. The multi-million dollar corporate streaming service has expanded every year and now includes in-studio productions that feature some of the most famous names in Hollywood. It is now reported that a great percentage of the 16-38 year old population gets its entertainment primarily from Netflix, or a Netflix-type streaming service. This fact has changed the way that marketers interact with customer bases and has turned the cable industry inside out. Still, consumers typically do not associate Netflix with cable revolution or business, but use the service for fun purposes.

According to the Huffington Post article, Netflix has spent over 6 billion dollars on the development of original content that caters to the subscription service’s fan base. Although all the new productions do not become primary choices for viewers who enjoy planning a fun night in, many of the Netflix originals have become top 10 picks for viewers looking for a fun night of entertainment. Netflix originals like House of Cards and Stranger Things have become fast fan favorites and have resulted in entire theme parties being planned for the series premier of several shows.

When compiling a list of the top Neflix shows that have earned a faithful audience that often hosts fun parties for premiers, shows that make the list include the previously mentioned House of Cards and Stranger Things, as well as shows like American Vandal, Mind Hunter, Bojack Horseman, Master of None, Dear White People, and Joan Diodon: The Center Will Not Hold.

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