How Ted Bauman Dives Into the Workday

In 2013, Ted Bauman, the current editor of columns such as The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert, joined Banyan Hill Publishing, after spending 25 years working as an executive in the nonprofit division, where he played a large role in securing funds for a number of housing projects. Shortly after arriving in South Africa, Ted Bauman attended The University of Cape Town, where he studied economics and history as a postgraduate. He has spent the majority of his life helping people to garner resources that will allow them to live autonomous lives, free of government micromanagement and corporate avarice. Throughout his career, Mr. Bauman has garnered a significant client portfolio, working with a number of well-established institutions, including the United Nations and the World Bank. Mr. Bauman returned to the United States in 2008 after a 25-year run abroad, taking a position with Habitat For Humanity. In 2013, he decided to dedicate his life to writing and research on a full-time basis, joining Banyan Hill Publishing. He recently authored a book, along with his father, former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman, entitled “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” Today, he is a resident of Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his family. Read more at about Ted Bauman

One of the most important factors in Ted Bauman’s life is time management. While he wouldn’t consider himself a master of this practice, he has come to realize over time that the morning is the optimal time for him to begin work, as he is much more efficient. His day can sometimes begin as early as 5:00 am when he is persistent about getting extra work done, but he normally begins shortly after dropping his daughter off at school. He has made it a custom to tackle his hardest work in the early part of the day, which throughout his career, has proven to be an effective method.

Keeping his readers engaged through his narrative voice is something that Ted Bauman constantly stresses, and in doing so, he always attempts to stay abreast of the growing trends within his readership. One trend that he has noticed, is that people are currently paying much closer attention to, is the willingness of western governments to adhere to the requests of large corporations, being that they are the ones that are ultimately affected. He’s learned that people today are much more willing to question the government’s relationship with major corporations.

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