How Soon Will Abraham Lincoln Visit President Donald Trump?

According to many accounts, the White House is often visited by spirits of deceased presidents particularly Abraham Lincoln’s in times of crisis such as the release and non/release of JFK files by current President Donald Trump appears to be. Lincoln is said to haunt the second floor “when the country needs a leader most.” This bodes two questions: one, how soon will this occur, and two, if so, how likely will it be that it is disclosed to ‘the American people’ sooner then later?

Although Lincoln died in 1865, his spirit is rumored and documented to have been visiting the White House since 1942 and before, when he appeared to the Queen of The Netherlands who was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. A 1989 account maintains that President Reagan’s dog would not cross the threshold of the Lincoln bedroom. In 1932, a staff member of Eleanor Roosevelt claimed she saw him sitting on the Lincoln bed donning his boots. Former President Harry Truman reported being visited by a spirit in the presidential suite in 1946 while his wife and daughter were on a holiday away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Historical accounts maintain that both Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln were visited in the White House by the departed spirit of their son who died of a medical issue there.

Perhaps the weirdest angle of this visitation is that Lincoln himself had a dream of his impending assassination three days prior to its occurrence while sleeping at the White House.

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