How Kim Dao Made A Career Out Of Blogging And YouTube

Kim Dao has made a career out of blogging and social media. The career came about by accident. She holds a degree in psychology that she earned at the University of Western Australia. Upon graduation she moved to Japan where she started a blog as a sort diary of the time she was going to spend there. Others found the blog and found her writing to be both informative and entertaining. Soon she had gathered enough followers to where it became one of her main ways of earning an income. Learn more:

As she gained followers Kim Dao began to see the potential of her blog. She started to write about her main interests in life, and what she feels most informed about, including makeup, fashion, and travel. She also shared her knowledge about pop culture on her blog.

In order to increase her exposure Kim Dao also started a YouTube channel. This also grew hugely popular with her target audience. She has a ton of videos up about her life in Tokyo, Japan as well as makeup, taking care of your skin, and other subjects.

Kim Dao has capitalized on her popularity by developing relationships with a number of brands. Her blog and YouTube videos have also appeared on tv channels in both Australia and Japan. This has given Kim Dao a very big exposure and helped her to make this her career. Learn more:

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