How Igor Cornelsen Became A Top Investment Adviser

Igor Cornelsen was a longtime banker in Brazil. He held a number of executive-level positions at some of the country’s largest banks. He has also been a financial adviser that invests in Brazilian companies as well as corporations around the world. He semi-retired in 2011, moved to Southern Florida, and opened a financial advisory firm called Bainbridge Investments, Inc. He works part-time at his company while also enjoying his retirement playing golf and pursuing his hobbies.

As a longtime investor, Cornelsen has long said that Brazil is often overlooked by international investors despite having the fifth-largest economy in the world. He made a large part of his fortune investing in Brazilian companies and carefully following the country’s economic outlook. He continues to spend a large amount of time in Brazil, following its stock market, and investing in strong Brazilian firms.

Igor Cornelsen enjoys sharing his vast amount of knowledge about investing with others, through both Bainbridge Investments and on a personal blog he operates. He has some big tips for beginners to investing one of which is to start as early as you can. By starting early compound interest will have time to do its magic which means that money starts earning even more money and as this happens over the decades it makes it much more likely to hit your retirement goal than if you try to start investing later in life. He has also said that an extremely urgent key to investing in diversifying your portfolio which will not only protect you if a company goes under but will also lead to greater returns. He suggests that people, especially those who are just starting out, get a financial advisor so that they don’t make investing mistakes which can be hard to recover from. Once someone gains more experience and knowledge as an investor they can start managing their portfolios.




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