How Education at Rocketship Schools Has Impacted Lives

Rocketship school was founded in 2007 in Bay area. The schools have grown to provide services to 18 schools in the region. Rocketship serves several communities such as Milwaukee, Nashville, Bay area and Washington DC. They firmly believe that all children deserve a quality education and that is why they shall continue to grow to ensure that children get a high-quality education.

Rocketship facility team has come up with quality facilities for their learners to provide quality education. The goal is to make sure that Rocketeers have proper learning environment. The team also has a role to ensure that the new campuses that are set up are planned and developed in agreement with the goals of the organization. The team goes ahead to investigate ways to improve both the existing and new campus designs to ensure that their students learn in an environment that is good.

Rocketship education has parents playing a significant role in the education of their children. That is because proper learning entails a coordination of parents, learners, and teachers, and not just the learners only. The CEO, Preston Smith once told the Education Week that parent participation has been of great importance to the development of the school since it was founded in 2007 in San Jose.

Smith also notes that parents join job interviews in fashion at each campus. He adds that most times about three to six families will undergo training to do panel interviews. Sometimes schools hold meetings that comprise of community members to enable parents to meet with the job providers. Smith further said that the input of parents had a significant influence on the overall development of the school.

At Rocketship, leaders, teachers and support staff are all dedicated to sharing gratitude. Students gain positive culture within their classes. There are five core values in each school of, which four are shared across the whole network. Students are expected to should adhere to all the core values. The values include responsibility, respect, persistence, and empathy. The school believes that when they build on these values, Rocketeers can grow in a community that desire to fulfill much more than what they currently observe.

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