How Dr. Mark McKenna Wants to Remold Elective Healthcare

Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, is a plastic surgeon who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the course of his career he has opened a number of companies. The first company he started was while he was still in college. It was McKenna Venture Investments and it was based in New Orleans. He says that he came up with the money to start this company by doing medical exams on prisoners. This business, though, had most of the properties it owned when Hurricane Katrina turned New Orleans into a lake. He tried to recover by fixing up properties and selling them to people with low to moderate incomes. He decided to quit the industry, though, when mortgages were being issued to people with little to no income and not having to put any money down on the house they were buying.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now busy building a new company he named OVME (it’s a play on words and is pronounced like “of me”). OVME is going to be an app that releases in March 2018. The app will allow people to schedule aesthetic services like laser hair removal or Botox treatments. The difference, Dr. Mark McKenna says, is that instead of the patient going to the plastic surgeon instead the plastic surgeon goes to the patient. He is building a national network of plastic surgeons who want to take part in this novel concept.

OVME marries technology and medical aesthetics together, Dr. Mark McKenna says. He wants to reinvent elective healthcare and make it much easier to have done. He came up with the idea of the company in early 2017 but there was a lot of groundwork to cover before the app could be launched. It will be available on both Android and iPhone devices.

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