How Avaaz is bring change to the world

Avaaz is an organization based in the United States its name means voice and has been referred to as the single largest and most powerful activist network online.It was founded in 2007 as a civic organization to promote global activism on issues that continue to affect the world at large including human rights, climate change, corruption, poverty, animal rights, and conflict.

Avaaz’s was founded by a group of people who shared a common goal and believe in that though activism they could achieve a lot more and take the world forward. these individuals are former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, Jeremy Heimans, Eli Pariser the MoveOn Executive Director, Ricken Patel, Australian progressive entrepreneur David Madden, Tom Pravda, and Andrea Woodhouse. the board that currently oversees Avaaz is headed by Ricken Patel the current president, secretary Tom Pravda, board chairman Eli Pariser, and Ben Brandzel as the treasurer.

Avaaz has not been taking up donations from corporations and has instead relied on the individual contributions by members who together have been able to raise over twenty million dollars. To know more about Avaaz click here.

they are currently working in over 30 countries choosing to communicate with its respective members via email.Avaaz has employed different ways when engaging in campaigns mostly engaging in email-your-leader tools, online public petitions and the use of videos.They have also been known to employ legal minds to help them whenever undertaking a campaign may seem needed.

Members of Avaaz have always been there strongest component and in most cases, they brainstorm before coming up with suggestions for campaigns.they also have specialist in campaigns who are at times deployed to the teams to aid in the development of campaign strategies.They then test the suggestion by forwarding emails to over ten thousand members and depending on the responses and feedback the campaign is approved and deployed. Flickr Photos.

Avaaz endeavors to bring people of all races, tribes, religions, and ethnicities together to ensure that they achieve harmony around the world.


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