House Tour: When a Rock Star, Alex Pall Has Special Taste

Alex Pall is a man who got wealth and fame blending music, and it’s fitting that he is attracted to a hodgepodge house of architectural styles. The Hollywood Hills home that he bought two years ago was built in the 1930s. Its classic bungalow features stone fireplaces, slate floors, open layout and accommodates a tree that grows via the entryways; offering the 3,600-square-foot area a unique mid century feel.


Redesigns in the 1980s and ’90s included a dash of modern edge. The mashup had talked to Mr. Pall, but when it came to improving it, he sought for expert help. Her selected colleague: Interior designer in New York, Peti Lau, has experience in transforming restaurants and homes from Thailand to San Francisco. She also trademarked her mark style “AristoFreak” and her style is characterized by a mix of the refined and the bohemian, the luxury and the comfortable, and both worldwide and local impacts. Ms. Lau is a Chinese-Vietnamese American born in Israel and whose impacts may be comparatively featured.


Already Mr.Pall had put the orange-velvet couch and nature-themed wallpaper in the family room by the time Ms.Lau started modifications in the house. The green, blue and orange palette of the creation by Hassan Hajjaj, according to Ms. Lau, replicates in trippy toss pads from the vintage Turkish carpet and Silken Favors laid over a bigger jute floor covering.


Last month, Chainsmokers released their greatly expected track “Closer” featuring Halsey: star-of-the-moment. Pall and Taggart are now working together, and both have unique ways of doing things. The former explains how his career started while doing the work of a DJ around New York City. On the other hand, Taggart profession began while in college as he admired DJing and electronic music.


The duo initially knew what they brought to the table, and their career objective was complemented by their love for music which has always been the primary goal for both of them even while growing up. They had the same core values, but they have gone the extra mile to become better artists. On the other hand, Halsey is a unique and cool artist according to Pall.

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