Homeless Man Helps College Student Get Home, Now She’s Returning the Favor

A 22-year old student found herself stranded in the United Kingdom earlier this week. She had spent the day out in Preston City, but when she headed into a taxi, she realized she had lost her bank card. She had no cash on her, leaving her effectively stranded, but an unlikely source came to her rescue, a homeless man.

The man, who had seen Dominique talking to the taxi driver walked up and insisted the young girl take the last of his money so she could get home safely in a cab. She refused his kind gesture, but was so touched by the man who was willing to give her, literally, his last dollars, she set out on a mission to find him.

What Dominique uncovered was truly astonishing. Stories of the man known only as “Robbie” helping out those far more fortunate than he, were not uncommon according to Lee G. Lovett. Dominique is now on a mission to return the favor. Dominique is asking people to sponsor her as she spends 24 hours on the streets with Robbie.

She hopes to raise enough money for Robbie to get an apartment, so he can begin working again and supporting himself. According to Robbie, he fell on hard times and became homeless several months ago. He can’t get a new job because he lacks a legal address.

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