Herbalife Transforms More than Just The Body

Herbalife began in 1980 by Mark Hughes, who wanted to change the way people approached nutrition and weight loss after watching his mother suffer an early death after years of an eating disorder and unhealthy dietary choices.


The first Herbalife product was the Formula 1, a soy-based meal-replacement protein shake Hughes developed to help people manage their weight. Today Herbalife carries an array of weight loss and nutritional supplements like protein bars, aloes, teas, vitamins and sports drinks. Many of the products are allergen free, kosher, halal or vegetarian, which encompasses the needs of Herbalife’s customers from America and around the globe. Hughes’s original shake is still today the number one selling Herbalife product.


Now a worldwide company, with distributors in 32 countries, Herbalife has improved the lives of not only those who use the products to improve their overall health, but also improved the financial health of the persons who have chosen to represent Herbalife and sell their products as Independent Distributors.


One such Distributor is Morgan Martin, who found success in using Herbalife products herself and became a coach so she could help others. After losing her brother to a pulmonary embolism, Morgan designed wellness programs for herself and parents using all the tools Herbalife had to offer. Striving to improve the health of her loved ones was a great motivator, bringing them even closer in their time of grief. When her mother’s 25-pound weight-loss story was shared on Facebook, Morgan’s Herbalife business got off the ground. Though becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t planned, Morgan didn’t let adversity get in her way. Running a business that makes a difference, transforming lives, minds and spirit through good nutrition has given her life purpose.


Offering 90-day programs broken down into 30-day segments, Morgan has improved the well-being of those in her community. A Nutrition Club offers fitness and nutrition programs, as well as live web classes. Being able to financially succeed has enabled the family to start the Marcus Martin Foundation. Taking a portion of revenue from group workouts has allowed the Foundation to offer scholarships to graduating high school seniors, fund football camps for boys and girls in the community and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Honoring her brother Marcus is a way to keep his memory alive, touching the lives of so many in the community. Morgan’s family and Herbalife have transformed grief and turned it into goodness.



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