Health Insurance Guru, Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Group Incorporated CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge is 2016 nominated Gold Winner in the prestigious One Planet Awards. The One Planet Award is an international program that honors professional and business prosperity in every industry from around the globe. Companies or Organizations are qualified to submit nominations including private and public, profit and non-profit, smallest to largest and also start-ups firms.

Troy McQuagge started working for USHEALTH in 2010. His enrolment brought a complete turnaround of events especially when he began to re-build its captive distribution agency. It was not until he started re-tooling USHEALTH Advisors that his work was recognized. This move saw him earn the position of CEO, and President of USHEALTH Group incorporated in the year 2014.
During his term of office, USHEALTH Group Incorporated registered unmatched growth, profitability, and success in the competitive health insurance industry.

McQuagge said he was proud to be One Planet Awards nominee among the many peer companies in the industry and the award did not belong to him but the entire staff of USHEALTH Group Incorporated. He also said that it’s their firm’s testament to curb the ongoing lack of affordable healthcare problem for their clients by offering them affordable coverage that can grow with their healthcare demands.

About One Planet Awards
They award companies for their professional and business excellence. Their honors recognize categories which include teams, executives, international organizations, PR, new products, and services, or Marketing, and Corporate Communications.

About USHEALTH Group incorporated.
It’s an insurance holding company in Ft. Worth, Texas. They provide innovative health care coverage for small business owners and self-employed people. The goal of USHEALTH is to market insurance products while offering unmatched customer service in every detail of the firm’s operations.

He is the CEO, President, and Board of Directors member of USHEALTH Group Incorporated. Mr. Troy McQuagge is a 30-year old expert of the insurance industry. He started his career working at Allstate Insurance firm in 1983. He, later on, joined the (UICI) Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Incorporated in 1995. In 1997, McQuagge was elected as the CEO of UICI’s insurance agency. Under Troy McQuagge’s leadership, the company made lots of single annual sales records.

In 2016 UICI was bought by private equity investors, they changed its corporate name to Health Markets. As the leader of sales and marketing team, Troy McQuagge was supposed to boost the team’s efforts so as to sustain the company’s self-employed group. With Mr. McQuagge holding the President’s post in 2007, the Health Markets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG) realized a profit of more than $1Billion in yearly premium sales volume.

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