Happy Holidays Display Set up by the Satanic Temple

In an effort to appease the Satanic Temple and avoid a lawsuit over First Amendment rights, Florida has again allowed a Satanic holiday display to be set up in the state capital building. There was a small scuffle over the exact location within the rotunda where the display would be permitted, but other than that, the move simply lacked controversy this time around. Hardly anyone even visited the state capital today, so few saw the incredibly ludicrous “holiday cheer stand.”

The display depicts an angel falling into a lake of fire. At the top of the display are the words “Happy holidays from the Satanic Temple.” One wonders what that message would give anyone to be happy about. Why do Satanists want to have their turn at “celebrating” the Yuletide? Christians do not seek to set up Ramadan displays, do they? Followers of Judaism do not seek to set up Easter displays, do they?

Why do the residents of Florida like Sam Tabar have to be forced to look at a pro-Satan Christmas decoration should they visit the state capital building? Is that really necessary? What if the Ku Klux Klan decided to set up a display there? Would theirs be accepted? I doubt it. We do not have to put up with promotion of evil in the name of “equality.” Well, we shouldn’t have to do that. But, apparently, we do have to do it now. Our founding fathers would never have allowed this kind of thing.

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