Grumpy Cat Feels Vindicated After Winning A $700,000 Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat has more coin in her Hello Kitty purse these days. A California jury just gave the famous cat $700,000 over the illegal use of her identity. According to the Washington Post, Grumpy Cat’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen got a raw deal when the Grenade beverage company used the cat’s image to sell more products than the initial agreement. Grenade could only use the cat’s image to sell “Grumpy Cat Grumpuccino.” The company got a great response from that cat promotion. So, the Grenade executives decided to use the cat’s image to push other company products without consulting Tabatha or her attorney. The executives were right. Grumpy Cat knows hold to sell, but they were wrong when they thought they could get away with making the cat their main cat salesperson.

The eight-person jury didn’t waste time siding with Bundesen and her cat. According to the cat’s attorney, David Jonelis, Grumpy Cat feels vindicated, and the brand is still intact. The dwarf cat with the serious under bite is a rock star in the marketing world. Grumpy Cat is world famous, and this purring merchandising machine’s pictures and reputation are still in demand all over the world.

According to the Washington Post, the verdict was a complete victory for Tabatha Bundesen and her famous cat. But some folks feel Grumpy Cat is not too excited about the victory. According to baseball fans, Grumpy Cat is better at watching baseball games, like she did in 2015. Being a plaintiff in a legal case is not in her professional wheelhouse. Sitting in a courtroom snarling at all the lawyers isn’t her strong suit even though she won. At baseball games, the cat feels right at home being grumpy at all the players, because they aren’t throwing her the fastball she knows she can catch.

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