Ground Water Disappearing Act. Where Exactly Has All of the Water Gone?

There are many environmental issues facing the world today. One of the issues that can no longer be ignored, Jared Haftel stresses, is the fact that the water supply of the world is being depleted. The underground water supply is being used up and the country needs to take note and come up with a solution to this worldwide crisis.

In years past, it was dry and hot in places that you would expect to be a drought stricken region or area. Places like Africa and Saudi Arabia are thought of when it comes to famous deserts. There are even places in the United States that are famous for being arid regions.

Arid regions in the United States usually depict images of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. This list has now expanded to include other states throughout the U.S. One state that is being particularly hit hard with drought and water shortages is California. The use of the fresh ground water supply for personal, business, and agricultural use has risen in recent years. The demanding annual use of fresh water is exceeding the amount of fresh ground water that is available.

Many people do not give much thought to the amount of water that they use on a daily basis. Until the day it is not available. Our world can not wait that long. Everyone across the globe needs to take the effort to save this precious resource.

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