Greg Secker’s Passion For Educating People On How To Engage In Forex Trading

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade. In a recent interview with CEOCFO, Greg noted that “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.” This mantra has always been his philosophy. He has always believed in agreeing to things and understanding the details along the way. As he was flying over Canary Wharf, Secker said that people asked him why he wanted to make trades. His response was why not. Over the years, Greg has created awareness for charity and supporting those in need. Moreover, he has shown people that they can make money anywhere, anytime and in any location.

Greg Secker studied agriculture and food science before opting for a career in the financial industry. According to him, his journey into the industry was more of a convoluted path. While studying at the university, he was building and selling computers. This opportunity provided him with plenty of time to learn a number of things, including how to code in older programs. Greg excelled in his work and ended up building a 3D interactive model for the fluid dynamics of a follicle. Later, he met up with an employee of Thomas Cook Financial Services who was passionate about computers. He invited him for an interview. That is how Secker secured his job at the company. He went on to build the Virtual Trading Floor, the first online currency trading platform.

Serving on the Virtual Trading Desk marked the start of his interest in foreign exchange trading. He understood how foreign exchange strategies worked. The profits generated from the trades made him want a piece of the action. To this end, he borrowed £5,000. Within a year, Greg had turned it into £60,000. Later, he retired. However, he got tired of staying at home and making the trades by himself. To this end, he started attending several seminars where he met people like Dr. John Demartini who encouraged him to start speaking in such seminars.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a revered entrepreneur. He is respected for his expertise in foreign exchange trading. Moreover, Greg has received media attention for his insights on financial trading. He has also written multiple books that include “Trading Your Way to Success” and “Financial Freedom Through Forex.”

Secker is also the brain behind Capital Index, SmartCharts Software and Learn to Trade. In 2010, he founded The Greg Secker Foundation. The aim of the non-profit organization is to positively enhance the quality of life of the people around the globe. The foundation partners with youth initiatives to promote education, life and leadership skills in communities.

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