Greg Secker; The Heights Of Philanthropy

In today’s world, you have to be an all rounded person for you to survive in entrepreneurship. Greg Secker is an apt example of a multi-faceted person. He is distinguished in both the business world and the philanthropy sector. Many of his ventures have turned out into profitable businesses, a fact that has elevated him to the big boys status. Focusing his energies on the shares and Forex markets, Greg Secker has been able to create reputable brands such as Learn to Trade. Hundreds of thousands of people use Learn to Trade as a guide in making informed decisions on which shares to purchase or sell.


Apart from Learn to Trade, Greg Secker has crafted other equally acclaimed brands. SmartCharts Software is a program that incorporates cutting edge technology to provide stock analytics for individuals in the global financial markets. Through the software stock brokers and clients get to access real-time data that concerns the money markets. His other venture that stands out is the Capital Index firm, a brokerage enterprise that helps individuals trade in stocks.

So how did Greg Secker find his way into the financial markets? Greg began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At Thomas Cook, Greg demonstrated his abilities, and it just took a little while before Virtual Trading Desk discovered him. Greg Secker assumed a new position at Virtual Trading Desk, a company which was the only financial services firm that was internet based at its time of inception. After a short period, Mellon Financial Services came calling, and Greg moved to the enterprise in the capacity of Vice President.

Many have gotten value from the expertise and experience of Greg Secker in the money markets. His seminars on matters investment and finance have helped demystify stock markets. He has demonstrated that even the ordinary person has an equal opportunity to trade in shares. Greg Secker also insists on the importance of individuals creating a secondary income through the purchase and sale of shares.

In philanthropy, Greg Secker is always on the frontline in funding charities that seek to make the lives of most of the marginalized persons better. He has contributed a lot of funds to charities such as the Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust.

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