Greg Secker Is An Entrepreneur, Trading Master, And Philanthropist On A Mission To Improve People’s Lives

As an English entrepreneur and trading expert, Greg Secker has ran many different company’s that have been praised and presented with awards for their success. His most recent company is named SmartCharts, which makes the technology trading process much easier. Its interactive and functional trading platform allows customers to simply click their mouse when wanting to execute a trade. When asked about one habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur, Secker pointed out the fact that he always makes room for time to think. By separating the daily grind from planning and reflection, he has discovered that he has been able to come up with fresh ideas that he never would have before doing so.

When asked if he would have done anything differently if he could go back in time, he replied that he would slow down and enjoy the journey more. Because he became a multi-millionaire so young, sometimes he feels like everything happened so fast. He would love to be able to take more time to smell the flowers, so to speak, and focuses on trying to do so, now, whenever he can.

Greg Secker is an English Businessman who was born in Norfolk in England on the 18th of February, 1975. He studied Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Nottingham and was a multi-millionaire by the time he was in his twenties. As an author, Secker has written a spread of books including Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex. He also started up many different companies that include SmartCharts Software, Learn To Trade, FX Capital, and Capital Index.

Greg Secker is a generous philanthropist whose giving knows no boundaries. Some of the charitable organizations and causes that he has supported include Tusk, the Child Bereavement Trust, and the Royal Princes’ chosen causes. He also started his own charitable Foundation named the Greg Secker Foundation, which is dedicated to lifting up the quality of life of people worldwide. The Foundation focuses on helping children with their education and life skills that they need to not only survive but to also thrive in today’s world. Secker loves to see people and especially children reach their full potential, and some of its programs include the Flying Trader Project, The Christmas Basket Brigade, Youth Mentoring Program, and

the Early Childhood Development Program.

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