Greg Secker – Financial Wiz, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur

Greg Secker is a noted philanthropist who recently signed on to a project to help build the homes for 100 typhoon victims in the Philippines. Nonito Donaire, Jr., former world boxing champion, pitched in to help Secker. Donaire and his wife recently arrived in the Philippines from Vegas, and met Secker at the Manila airport. The homes are being built in Iloilo, Lemery, and Capinahan. Donaire thinks that athletes with a social conscience can make a big difference.

Donaire uses his boxing platform and notoriety to inspire athletes to stand up and support worthwhile causes. He says that fighters can make an impact and inspire people to act beyond what they accomplish in the ring. The big picture is that up to a thousand new homes in the area can make a positive impact on people’s lives whose homes were destroyed by extreme acts of nature.

Greg Secker is an author, leadership guru, finance wizard, and serial entrepreneur who knows what it is like to get involved with projects around the world. He conducts philanthropic work through his foundation. His home-building project in the Philippines was known as the Greg Secker Foundation Village.

Secker is also the owner of Learn to Trade Capital Index, and SmartCharts. His companies are among the most successful of their kind for people in Europe looking to learn the ins and outs of trading. Secker is quite passionate about helping people improve their own lives. He became a multi-millionaire by the time he reached his early twenties.

His programs target the every-day man and woman who wants to realize financial freedom. For the past 13 years, more than 200,000 people have signed on to one of his trading workshops and seminars from around the world. Some have gone on to create a full-time income trading in the stock and currency markets. Media outlets and organizations also call on Secker to offer his expert opinion on the market. His appearances include Bloomberg and CNBC.

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