Greg Secker Conducts An Interview With Ideamensch About Starting His Own Business

The first question that Greg Secker was asked by Ideamensch was where he got his ideas from. Mr. Secker replied that he got his idea to start his own business out of both boredom and while looking for a better opportunity for himself. Secker recalls that he was formerly employed at a big bank’s foreign exchange division. He worked overseas in the USA for many years at an exchange desk and was eventually transferred back home to the UK.

Back at home, Greg Secker found he had much more time to concentrate on his own investments and trading. Secker traded for a while from home and then realized he could teach others to invest and trade. Mr. Secker eventually pursued this and began teaching others what he had been taught and what he had learned during his time at a bank. Teaching others also inspired and motivated him. He felt that it was a better atmosphere for him than being at an exchange floor for the entire workday.

Greg Secker says that his mentoring was a way of teaching people the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to trade on their own without having to work for a bank or other financial institution. Mr. Secker says that he eventually became obsessed about teaching others the financial skills and knowledge he had developed so they can have more liberty in their work lives. While doing research on what kind of financial educational tools were out there, Greg also realized that there was a real dearth of quality programs. The ones which he found existed were inadequate at best or false at the worse in teaching people how to become their own traders and managers.

As a result of his research and his passion to teach others, Greg Secker created the first trading coaching company in the United Kingdom. The traders and investors who tried Secker’s program routinely outperformed other investors who did not attend a two day immersion program that Greg Secker had created. Greg Secker then developed his own business model and made it a major player in the financial education industry. Today Greg Secker’s financial education and coaching model is the number one model in the financial industry and is being used all over.

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