Greg Finch; The Revolutionary Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgery is a subsidiary of the broad operation category in the field of medicine. It concerns itself with the correction of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. While treating the anomalies, orthopedists may use the procedure they deem most appropriate, whether surgical or non-surgical. The deformities may be a consequence of various factors, but the most common predisposing factors include sports injuries, congenital disorders, trauma, and degenerative conditions.


The most common orthopedic procedures include;




This involves a surgical incision of the backbone to remove the lamina, a component of the vertebrae. The back muscles are shoved aside, and only the lamina is touched, with nearby parts remaining intact. Patients are expected to recover within few days after the incision. The procedure is used to mitigate the effects of spinal stenosis or correcting deformities such as kyphosis. The prosperity of the process depends on the adeptness of the surgeon, suitability of the operation and the driving factor of the surgery.


Hip replacement


This involves the implanting of an artificial hip, known as a prosthetic if the natural one has a defect. The procedure can either be partial or full. It is performed to alleviate pain ensuing from arthritis or hip fractures. Also, it may be done to improve locomotion. It is the last resort after physical therapies and medications have proven futile.


Spinal fusion


This comprises of the piecing together of vertebrae. Grafting is the primary method used in this procedure, where the grafts are held in position by metallic screws and plates before they can support themselves. It is used to correct defects ensuing from spinal fractures, spondylosis, and degenerative conditions.


About Greg Finch


Greg Finch us a household name in orthopedic surgery, particularly spinal procedures. He is an enthusiast of minimally invasive spine surgery. Furthermore, Greg Finch’s excellence has been acknowledged by the Spine Society of Australia.

Greg Finch attained his surgery degree from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.





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