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Graeme Holm: Helping Australians Manage their Finances

Graeme Holm is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia. His career in the financial services sector has been running for 17 years. He was an excellent businessman because he was able to complete several accreditations for companies that are under the field of finance, real estate, and financial planning. Graeme Holm spent around ten years working in the banking industry, and because of the repetitive nature of the job, he started getting bummed and decided to quit after feeling a lot of frustration. He noted that concentrating on a single product and service offering would bore him out, and since he is looking for an exciting business model, he opted to build his own company.



The inspiration that he used was the news that Australians are getting poor financial deals from financial institutions recently. Graeme Holm wanted to change that setting in Australia, and he thought about solutions that would help the majority of the people. He came along the idea of establishing a company that would enable Australians to manage their finances properly. He, later on, founded the Infinity Group Australia, assuring the public that his company will be open to those who are having problems with their finances and he will be ready to help them get out of their debt. Today, the Infinity Group Australia is one of the most reputable companies in the country, and they have taken out hundreds of individuals from the debt trap and gave them new lives.



Graeme Holm revealed in a recent interview how they are helping the families in Australia to get out of debt. The first thing that his company does is to do extensive research about a family’s monthly income and expenses. They would also need to note their needs for the whole month, and tabulate it to see how much a family needs per week. His company would then relay the information to the family they are helping out and making sure that the family would be setting aside money for the most necessities like groceries and fuel.



After the information was handed over to their clients, Infinity Group Australia would start its job. They would allocate a personal banker to their client and help them manage their finances. The priority is paying off the debt as soon as possible, and one of the most impressive records done by Infinity Group Australia is to help a young family pay off a $96,000 deficit in one year. The personal banker is also the one who tells the family about the things that they should prioritize, and most of the time, the approach is effective.



Infinity Group Australia is also providing their clients with a monthly performance report to help them decide whether they should cut their expenses or if they would need any adjustments in their weekly or monthly budget. Those who are serious with getting the job done and making sacrifices and it gives them better result after a few months. Infinity Group Australia is proud to say that the company has assisted all of their clients, and no one was left having huge amounts of debt. Learn more:


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